Heritage Park Festival of Quilts

This weekend was the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in Calgary.  The festival is a place for quilters to submit their quilts and have them displayed throughout the park either inside the historical homes or outside in the yards.  It had been raining the five days before the festival which simply meant that all the quilts would be under cover.

Saturday, some friends and I headed to HP early in the morning.  It was a really tricky day to figure out what to wear, how many layers, and what waterproof shoes to have on.  It was a cool day, I would have preferred it to a be a little warmer overall, but it was still rather nice.

Because it didn’t rain quite a few quilts were displayed outside.  We saw over 400 quilts.  Some were stunning.  The friends I went with had submitted a couple of their quilts so it was our mission to find them – it was kind of a big scavenger hunt.

These were some that caught my eye and I kept thinking about.

This is the back of a quilt.  It was more wonderful then the front.

This is my friend Valerie’s Log Cabin Quilt


The only down side to the day was the ice cream shop that we were going to stop at was PACKED when we finally felt like a snack.  Alas.

I picked up two things at the Merchant Market, a kit with cute dogs (these actually are cute) for a quilt and a great summer bag. Now I have to just decided what to do next.

See this is cute dog/animal fabric.

The fabric for the tote is a laminate.

It was my first time at the HP Festival of Quilts.  I had a nice day and it was nice to see so many quilts outside.  Maybe next year I will enter one of mine – maybe.




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