60 Degrees of Quilting Separation

I’m working hard on shaping up our garden.  I shared with you what my garden was looking like in the middle of May.  It was rough, really rough, that at times I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to bring it back to life.  I was weeding every day and it seemed like every time I weeded 10 more would replace the one I just took out.  Nate even took out our rototiller and worked in the garden to get it looking better – that made all the difference.  Once that was done I could actually see what might be possible.

The other day I headed early to the garden centre and picked up some replacement plants and some fillers.  Its been raining though for the last week so I haven’t been able to go out and get them into the ground.  Finally just decided to get them into the ground.  I got all but 3 into the ground, the soil where the 3 were suppose to go was too wet and I sunk and again lost my boot.



Look how much happier my Gnome looks.  And how much greener the grass is.

This is my Remembrance Columbine – it was named that as a memorial  to the victims of Columbine.

This is Rhubarb that has finally come to our garden.  It is from a cutting of my Grandma’s.  It is thriving.

Back Bed – Before

The Back bed of our garden -updated.  The ice cream buckets were to protect some plants so Nate didn’t rototill them down. Now they are gathering rain water.

This section will hopefully fill up with day lilies.

Why is this 60 degrees of quilting separation?  Because I plan to be in the back yard doing a lot of quilting this summer and I didn’t want to stare into a GROSS garden.  Now I can sit back there and watch it grow and enjoy it.


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One response to “60 Degrees of Quilting Separation

  1. Nat

    It’s looking great Jen! Spring is finally here!

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