End of the School Year

Hello everyone,

I am 9 days away from being done school for another year – problem is those 9 days are over 3 weeks, the issues of working part time.

My days however have not been filled with sewing or quilting.  Because it is the end of the year, there is a lot of prep work to do in preparation for next year.  How many kids are coming in, how many instruments will we need, do we have enough materials for them, what else would I be teaching, will I have a job?  The last question doesn’t matter so much, because no matter what, things have to be sorted and figured out, if I am there or someone else is.  If I do it and am there, then I will be ready in September.  If I’m not then the person who comes into my spot will be ready to go and not have a shambles.  I personally think it is the right thing to do, as I have been left shambles before.

When I do have moments though I have been stitching away.  The BOMs this month are intense.  I have two blocks on my Hocuspocus Ville – one that is incredibly detailed – using an entire spool of floss, I wasn’t counting on that.  Three in the Life is Beautiful set – they won’t take a lot of time, but time none the less.  And a cute house block for Crazy Christmas – again time.

June is a hard month for me.  The sun is coming out, the weather is warm, my garden is calling so are the bike paths.  And there is, as I mentioned, a mountain of school work to do.  After working on it all day, you are mentally exhausted, well I am at least.  Clearing up, finishing up everything for this year, trying to think and plan next year, trying to predict what might happen.  Because of all that, I often just want to be.  Not doing much else, maybe reading, maybe doodling, maybe.

What is your June like?

Five concerts in 3 weeks.  This was an outdoor concert, it was incredibly windy, we all had clothes pins to hold our music to the stands.  Thats me in the white, I had a solo and my Dad, the one in the blue shirt waving his arms, made me stand. I think I’m puffing my cheeks – better work on that.


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