Tilt a Whirl – Complete

My Tilt a Whirl quilt is finished – completely finished that is it now ready for its place in our bed room.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  I think the colors work really well together.  At times this quilt was challenging to make.  It was done with a fat quarter bundle that contained cottons and another type of fabric that I am just not sure what to call it, maybe it was a homespun because there wasn’t a right and wrong side, but the weave was really loose.  I haven’t worked with a homespun where I’ve known that was what it was.  Anyways, I found it really frustrating to work with and it would fray and if I stitched it too close to the edge it wouldn’t hold at all.  But oddly enough those “homespuns” were the fabrics I liked the most.

You there are some patterns that you make that you will NEVER MAKE AGAIN.  This is NOT one of them.  I would make this quilt again, maybe in a more scrappy look, maybe a baby/wall version.

This is the book it was in.  As I mentioned before it is done my Atkinson Designs.    Terry Atkinson calls her quilts “short cut” quilts.  I’m not sure what that means, but I can tell you that this book was well done.  For Tilt a Whirl (a planned version), she has instructions for all possible sizes that you could make.  For example cut 9 for wall, 12 for lap, 18 for queen, etc – that is just a short hand example – hers are much better.  There was also some good diagrams showing you how to piece the parts together to get the middle pin wheel.  The book has a bit of a different layout though.  It has full page/colored pictures of the quilts in different surroundings (the the cover above), but the instructions are sandwiched in the middle in black and white – the paper even feels different.  So you look through the glossy pictures, find the one you like, look at the name and hunt in the middle for the instructions.  There are a couple of other quilts in the book that I would enjoy making and some (like the basket one) that I would prefer to pass on.

Another great thing about this – it is done with one block only.  Why is that important to me?  Well my guild did a one block challenge this year.  Make a quilt with one block only with at least 10 different fabrics that is a minimum of 30″x30″.  This is well over that, but I can enter it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Learned Today:

Something that you think you will never get done, by slowing plugging away at it, can get done.




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3 responses to “Tilt a Whirl – Complete

  1. jdpauls

    what a stunning quilt. i love the colors and the patterns. congrats on completing it.

  2. The subtle colours are quite elegant.

    • Jen

      First, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And thank you for the nice compliment. I love the colors of the quilt – elegant is a wonderful way to describe them.

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