Been gone a while – but not that far away

It has been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve been away, not on holiday, not out of the city, just took a step back to get rested and motivated again.

Since school ended I’ve had a tough time getting motivated to do anything.  I was excited at first to start projects, had them out all over the house (much to Nate’s chagrin), but once I got going , I stopped, right in the middle of a few.  The weather was nice, I was excited about my new school and was working on plans and ideas and sewing and stitching fell to the way side.

I kind of think it was because I was pushing so hard to get projects done for the last guild meeting and the result wasn’t what I was hoping for (not that I thought in a million years that I would win, but I thought someone would at least say they were nice).  After that, I packed the machine away.  I took it out during the long weekend to get started on the TURE MINI quilt I am working on.  I got the top done, and have hit another stand still, the motivation to finish isn’t there.  I know I HAVE TO get it done before I go on holidays, so it will be completed this week or early next week.

This is a sneak peak of the TURE MINI.  The quilt is 12×12 inches, each block is 3×3 inches.  The squares and such are tiny.

There is a 0.5″ sashing in between each block and corner stones.

Since it needs to be complete I will be sitting at my machine to do it – hopefully once I get back on the machine I will just want to keep going.







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