Whatcha doin’?

My True Mini quilt is finished – completely.  And it is making its way to my partner in Australia.

Once I got that quilted I was back on my horse and ready to get sewing again.  Last week I headed over to my friend Paula’s place for a quilting afternoon or a power sewing session.  That afternoon I caught myself up on my Bible Blocks which I had been neglecting – no excuses here.

What has been occupying my days?  Stitching and oddly some painting.

I’m almost finished all my Tail Feathers blocks.  I’ve loved stitching these so much, that I just don’t want it to end, but I would love to see the final project.

And I did have all my BOMs to catch up on too.  The stitching is done – now for the blocks.  oh my.

Some Crazy Christmas

Life is Beautiful – aren’t they?

My personal favorite has been Hocus Pocusville.  I really don’t want this one to end.  I think Crabapple Hill Quilts are just terrific.

Now painting?  Well, my friend’s bridal shower was at one of those clay painting places.  It was so much fun.  I painted a gnome.  It took me forever.  So I’ve spent a couple mornings at the shop finished him up.

Isn’t he terrific?  I think I might have to make another.

I’ll share a picture of my mini after my partner get it.







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