I’m Back from Maui

We’re back from Maui.  I’m glad to be home in my own bed with my puppy playing about, but Maui was wonderful and I would go back in a heartbeat.  The weather was wonderful, in the high 80s (30 degrees Celsius), though there was some humidity which we were not use to.

We honestly had a marvelous time.  It was relaxing and we had some great adventures.  And Nate was kind enough to drive to 2 quilt stores for me and even walked through the stores with me – more on that later.

What did we do?  A lot.  We did some shopping on Front Street in Lahania where Nate got me a beautiful blown glass sea turtle necklace.  There are beautiful sunsets in Maui and we saw a terrific one at Ka’anapali Beach.  Did you know the sun goes completely down by about 7 pm each night?  It is true, completely dark before 7:30pm.  It was incredibly strange.

We tried our hand at snorkeling at the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.  Though I must be honest, I wasn’t great at it.  I freaked out a bit – alright A LOT.  Bobbing up and down in the ocean, trying to swim through it, breathing through a tube, with fish swimming at you (I felt they were swimming at me), and not touching the coral at the bottom.  TOO MUCH TO HANDLE AT ONCE.  I would like to try it in calm water so I don’t have to focus on so much.  Nate took me to try it off shore, because once again we got sick on the boat, but it wasn’t any better – still wavy which would take you into the coral area.  We went to the Maui Ocean Centre, which is terrific, where we actually got photos of the ocean life we saw while snorkeling.

We got up at 2:00am one morning for our 2:30 am pick up to be taken to the Haleakala Volcano top to watch the sunrise which was 10,000 feet above sea level.  It was a beautiful sunrise, which was fully up at 6:00am.

Then we biked down the volcano all the way to sea level.  It was a glorious coast down, very little peddling, if at all.  We ended up in a cute town called Pa’ia.

The Lu’au at the Royal Lahaina Resort was terrific too, they did the roast pig in the sand on the beach which tasted wonderful.

The Road to Hana is a trip everyone should take, but do it right.  Get a picnic lunch, leave early, and go SLOW.  You have to actually, the road is windy, very windy with hairpin turns, we were lucky if we went over 20mph (~30kms).  But it was amazing.

Lush vegetation, spectacular views, hiking paths and waterfalls.

We drove around the entire island, one of the roads was even more windy then Hana Highway, the Honoapp’ilani Highway.  For 17 miles (about 27 kms) it was single lane, and we travelled slower then 15mph (25kms).  If a car in the opposite direction was coming you had to either backup to find a place to pull over or find a shoulder.  There wern’t many of them – it was cliff -road-cliff leading to LARGE DROP into ocean.  But again the views were amazing.

If you want to check out a few more photos check out my flickr.  These are only a few of them.  I took over 600 🙂

I loved Maui, I really did.  I would go back, no, I will be going back.



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