Maui Quilt Shops

Nate was nice enough to take me to two quilt stores in Maui.

The first one is in Kihei (key-hey) called the Maui Quilt Shop.  It is a small shop located in the Azeka Market on the west side of South Kihei Road.  They had a great selection of batiks and Hawaiian prints.  They also offer a class on Friday’s which shows you how to do the traditional Hawaiian applique quilt.  They have kits cut up and ready to go for the class too.  I purchased one to make the “Ti Leaf” or “Ki” quilt.  They even offered a spot in one of their classes to me to get me started, but I couldn’t go because we were going to the Lu’au that night.

I also picked up a kit for a cute sea turtle wall hanging.  It is a two fabric applique, it sort of reminds me of a reserve applique technique, but I am excited to do it.  I’m having trouble deciding whether to do it as a hand applique or a machine applique technique.

The second shop we went to was Sew Special in the Queen Kaahumann Mall in Kahului.  It was a lot bigger shop, reminded me in set up like My Sewing Room in Calgary.  They had an amazing variety of Hawaiian prints, batiks and Asian fabrics.  The Hawaiian prints were terrific – though I could only think of make Hawaiian shirts with them – sorry to say that.

I picked up some fat quarters (5 of them).

And a Shashiko stitching kit.  Looking forward to giving this technique a try.  It is very popular in Hawaii.

Both were terrific shops, I would definitely shop in them again, especially with a list of fabric I needed as the prices were so good.



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6 responses to “Maui Quilt Shops

  1. Is that turtle pattern from Pacific Rim? If so, you will love, *love*, LOVE it! Nancy Lee Chong has the most awesome technique for needleturn applique … I used to hate, *hate*, HATE applique because the prep was so tedious. But since I learned Nancy’s basting technique from the front, I’m just an appliquing junkie. 🙂

    You’re gonna be so happy! 🙂

    • Jen

      Hi Shelley,
      You are correct it is the pattern from the Pacific Rim. I love the way it looks and can’t wait to dig into it. It looks like such a neat technique for applique as I too don’t always love applique for the same reasons you have. Can I ask, did you end up needle turn appliquéing it? Or try one of the other options she gave?

  2. Martha

    Just returned from Maui early this morning. In any of the quilt shops you visited, did you see counted cross stitch kits or patterns?

    • Jen

      Hi Martha, Thanks so much for stopping by. I don’t recall seeing any counted cross stitch kits or patterns. I saw quite a bit of the Japanese Sashiko stitching, but not cross stitch. Sorry to say. Hope you find something you are looking for though.

  3. Cookie Farmer

    I did see cross stitch patterns in the Kihei shop. I haven’t been to the Lahaina shop yet, though….

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