Sew Much to Do, Sew little time

Where have I been?  Why haven’t I written since Maui?  Have I started the Maui quilts yet?

Well, I’ve been at my new school.  Yep, a new school, a.g.a.i.n.  This will be my third school in three years.  I must be honest starting over every year has been a bit of scene for me.  I don’t mind starting up again in a new place with new staff and students.  What I mind is this.

It seems that every year I “start over”.  I begin with a major clean up.  Since we’ve been back I’ve spent every day at school CLEANING.  I must admit though that the 3 SOLID days that the cleaning staff did helped tremendously, so I just had to clean, sort and put away things they weren’t sure about.  Which was fine with me.  I moved furniture around, boxed things, and scratched my head to the where abouts of other things.  (Please note this is not an actual picture of the space – I forgot to take that picture, but this was close).

When I haven’t been at school I’ve been set up at my kitchen table prepping lessons and figuring out the paper work side of teaching.

When that is all done and everything is in semi order I’ve been too exhausted to actually get on the sewing machine and “whip something up”. Which can prove to be dangerous and costly because of all the mistakes.  Instead I’ve been enjoying my time on the sofa stitching.  I am 2.5 blocks away from finishing Hocuspocusville.  

As you can see, the Maui quilts have not been started – no time right now.

I start school with meetings next week, then kids the week after.  Maybe one day I’ll get back on my machine.  I would like to finish the two tops I started and quilt the 3 other quilts ready to go.


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