Finally a New Post :) Mini QT Swap complete.

Alright, I’m sorry that posts have been non existent for a few weeks.  No excuses, not really, anyway.  Since I haven’t started in September teaching for the past in two years I have honestly forgotten how much there was to get ready for the first days of school.

So I haven’t done much sewing, a bit of stitching, but that is about it.

However I am pleased to report that my swap partner FINALLY got her mini quilt.  It took a disgusting amount of time to get to her, but it finally made it.

My partner was after a sampler quilt – one that had a sampling of different blocks in it.  So I decided I would finally make the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD quilt from the book by the same name.  I picked 9 blocks that might be ok to be made in the size of 3″ x 3″.   I drafted the blocks on my EQ7 Program (A Christmas present from Nate), and made foundation paper templates to use as I did not think I would be able make the tiny pieces neatly enough.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  The Mini ended up being 12″ x 12″.

The blocks ended up being 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ .  Tiny squares and triangles that is for sure.

For my label I printed the story of the Underground Railroad.

I’ve been fascinated with the idea that particular quilt blocks and placed in quilts, were used in the 19th century to help guide the negro slaves to freedom using the underground railroad that lead to Canada.   Each block gave the slaves directions to their freedom. 

Row 1 top left to right: North Star, Crossroads, Bear’s Paw

Row 2 top left to right: Shoo Fly, Log Cabin (with a black centre to show it was a safe house), Flying Geese

Row 3 top left to right: Monkey Wrench, Bow ties, Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad Story:

The Monkey Wrench turns the wagon wheel towards Canada.  With help from Jesus, the carpenter, follow the Bear’s Trail though the woods.  Fill your basket with enough food and supplies to get you to the Crossroads.  Once you get to the Crossroads dig a Log Cabin in the ground.  Shoofly told us to dress up in the cotton and satin Bow Ties.  Follow the Flying Geese and birds in the air, stay on the drunkard’s path.  Take the sailboat across the Great Lakes to the North Star above Canada.  

I’m so glad it made it to Leah and that she likes it.




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3 responses to “Finally a New Post :) Mini QT Swap complete.

  1. Jen

    Testing my comment box. Hopefully this works.

  2. Glenevis

    Lovely quilt! Have you read the book about underground railroad quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini (The Runaway Quilt) all her books are really good.

    • Jen

      I have read the book. It was actually the start to my interest in them, then I found the Quilt in a Day Book about the underground Railroad quilts and it kept the interest going. Thanks so much for stopping by and making a comment and for the book suggestion. I appreciate it so much.

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