Fall Break

Our school this year decided to go with something called Fall Break.  I’m not sure why exactly as I wasn’t there when the decision was made.  But, we have a week off.  Some people have gone away on a fun little holiday, others are around, like myself with lists of stuff they want to do.  I would like to be back in Maui for my break, but I have a long list to get through and doing report cards under a cabana just didn’t make a lot of sense.  Sure I would be warm and in the sun, but I would be working on report cards.  Here is my list.

1. Finish marking the critiques – done

2. Mark the CE verses and reflections – done

3. Input all the grades in – done

4. Write the comments for the report cards – done

5. Transfer marks and comments into report cards – done

6. Cut our quilt #1 and #2 – done

7. put together the Christmas top

8. Baste the Hocus Pocusville top

9. Put together quilt #3 and 4

10. Wash interior of car

11. Clean out freezer  -done  and sock drawer

12. Spa morning

13. material ready for journal class.

14. grocery shopping – done

So far I’m ahead of schedule – and somethings I haven’t become motivated enough to do.


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