Christmas Quilt: Figgy Pudding

In 2009 I started sewing/quilting.  I started slow with a pin cushion and a  bag (both with seams that were crooked).  In September of that year my friend Anne took me to the Creative Stitches Show in Calgary.  In the month leading up to the show I spent a good portion of my time online looking at patterns for quilts, fabrics and things that one day I hoped to make.

While at the Creative Stitches Show, a company called Hamels had a kit for a quilt and fabric line I fell in love with.  The basic grey’s line called Figgy Pudding and a quilt by the same name.  I wandered around the show, humming and ha-ing if I should buy the kit.  Well, after a while I decided that if it was there the next day it was meant to be mine.  And it was.  So I purchased it first thing in the morning and had to lug it around with me for the rest of the day.  Oh well.

I was scared to start it at first because I hadn’t taken a quilting class yet and didn’t understand the terms and some of the instructions.  After it sat for a while in my sewing room I decided that I was going to try.  My first problem I remember came from cutting.  At that time I didn’t know what WOF was (width of fabric).  I looked online, but couldn’t find a definition that made any sense to me.  I couldn’t figure out what was the width – silly I know, but I’ve always had issues with width vs. length.

So I started and I made some serious mistakes.  So it sat, for two years.  Then one night this year, when I was awake at 3:00am.  I decided to take it out and get the blocks at least finished.  Once that was done and it was up on the design wall, it wasn’t so scary.

Over fall break I finished the top.  Borders and all.

It was really challenging to get a photo, we had such wind this weekend.  It kept getting swept up.

Nate is trying to keep it steady, but to no avail.  I do know how I’m going to quilt this.  Can’t wait.  But it may be another year before I get to it, there are some in the quilting que that are ahead.





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5 responses to “Christmas Quilt: Figgy Pudding

  1. mom

    i knew a woman who got up at 3 and baked pies. if you are awake that early it is good to have a hobby.
    i love that quilt. the colors are beautiful. i think it is a quilt that can come out early in nov and stay til feb because it is not too christmas-y.
    good going.

  2. lovely indeed. the light blue with the red is so pretty!!

  3. davilawho

    Hello! Do you happen to have any of Moda’s Figgy Pudding fabric left over? I’m working on recreating a quilt for my husband, and I’m missing one kind of fabric – the Christmas tree Figgy Pudding Fabric. Do you happen to have any leftovers of this?

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