Old Fashioned Weekend

This Saturday was a pretty low key day for us.  We didn’t have to rush off to something, didn’t have any really big deadlines, and not  many household chores left to do.

After another night of little sleep, I headed out to the grocery store to get our next round of groceries.  It was surprising busy for a Saturday at 7:20am.  It wasn’t a very big trip so it didn’t take too long at all, which was equally nice.  By 8:30 I was home and the groceries were away.

On Monday at Nate’s work they are doing a bake sale to raise money for a little charity thing they do at Christmas.  I volunteered to make something for the sale.  I was planning on making some lemon tarts, but there was a request for my lemon loaf, so I made that instead.  The recipe makes two loaves.

It is DELISH, if I do say so myself.  Nate helped me figure out the food processor and I was able to juice the 10 lemons in about 5 minutes rather then by hand in 30 minutes.

I also found this recipe for the best cookies on pinterest and thought I would whip those up too.  It produced a lot of batter and I was able to make pretty large cookies – though I did break my cookie scoop.  Serves me right for not getting a really good one.

And because I had some time and the oven was warm I bake a chocolate cake and I used my bunt pan that hasn’t been used  at all since I got it as a wedding shower gift.  Now it has been, and I would use it again for sure.  Even tried my hand at homemade butter cream icing.  Which is wonderful.

Our Molly had a play date  in the afternoon and has been sleeping ever since.

Apparently, they played for an hour straight.

In the evening Nate headed out to my brothers for a “guy’s evening” so Paula came over for a girls night.  Homemade mac and cheese was our menu.  She knitted and I sewed, while sipping tea and visiting.

I finished this table runner that I bought fabric for over a year ago.  I had it ready to go last Christmas, but didn’t finish it.

It was a wonderful day filled with old fashioned activities, baking, cooking and sewing.

Learned Today: There is just something about making something wonderful from scratch. 


NOTE: I took all the pictures with my iphone and edited them with instagram.


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