Sock Monkey

When I decided 2 years ago that I wanted to start sewing, I started with projects I could sew by hand.  One day while Nate and I were out I found a book called Sock and Glove and decided that would be a good way to start to see if I enjoyed it.

I tried my hand at the sock monkey in the book a few times.

I found those white men’s socks hard to work with  and they just weren’t soft.  I made one for myself, one for one of Nate’s co-workers and recently made this fellow.

I found a soft heavy wool sock this time and it was such a pleasure to work with.  I made this one for another one of Nate’s co-workers.  She wanted one for a family member.  I remember the first times I made one it was a LONG day of sewing.  This time it only took an afternoon.  I guess that means I’m getting better 🙂  I really enjoyed making this one, probably because it was so soft.

Maybe now I’m ready to try some of the other sock animals that are featured in the book – maybe.






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