Christmas Presents

Unlike last year, where most people received homemade quilts, this year there weren’t many made – there just wasn’t the time.  The gifts I did make, I started A LONG TIME AGO and have been working on them very slowly over the past months.

My brother has always been a history buff.  He always seems to be reading history type novels, he even at a time studied to become a history teacher, to which I think he would have been very good at.  I found a great pattern called Hopscotch by the Quilt Patch.  At the Creative Stitches show, Hamels Fabrics was there and they had some wonderful Civil War Reproductions.  So I picked up 12 different reproduction fabrics to make the quilt top for AJ.  For the border, binding and backing I used the same fabric I had used on the pillows I made him for his new sofa.


I really go enjoy making this pattern.  I’ve made it 4 times now.  I think it is the first patten that I’ve turned into a quilt where I’ve made more then one version of.

For Mom, I made her a quilted journal cover.  I really do enjoy making these.  There is just something so fun about being able to cut randomly, layer randomly and quilt whatever you want all over the organza.  And I wouldn’t have ever guessed that quilting on top of organza would have been so wonderful to quilt over, but it is.  I used purples and greens as my fabric palette on this one and used the same colors of threads to quilt it.

I am just in love with the peacock feather on the right and the leaf in the left corner.  I had some fabric with those shapes on them, so I fussy cut around them, put them on my top layer and quilted around them.  Love how the turned out.

Learned Today: Ok, it is more a question I have.  What makes you go back and make some patterns over and over again?

Mine is, that they are well written patterns, produces great results no matter what fabric choices you make, and I enjoy every minute of making them.






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