The Need for First Aid Kits

Once upon a time there was a teacher named Jen.  She and her teaching team had to come up with a fun activity for their students on the last day of classes before Christmas break.  One night while she was asleep she had a dream that they took their students ROLLER SKATING!  She mentioned this to one of her teaching team members and they both thought it would be fun for the students and they booked it.

On the 23rd of December the 65 students and 5 teachers loaded into the bus and made their way to Llyod’s Roller Rink.  Students rented their four wheeled skates and roller blades and the teachers assisted a couple of the kids who hadn’t tied skates before.  Students hit the rink, a few fell, and many cruised around the rink.  Once the bill was paid, the shoes were put under the benches and her skates where tied she too headed onto the rink.  It was slowly coming back to her, she hadn’t been roller skating for about 4 years, so it was slow to come back.  After helping a student around the rink she branched out on her own.   She decided to try practicing her cross overs around the corners.  It was going well, until out of nowhere came a student on roller blades, who plays hockey, and skates fast.  Jen just didn’t react fast enough and the wheels went side ways underneath her and she went down, slid on her left knee for quite a bit.

(sorry for the blurry photo – the photo was taken while looking down at the knee)

But Jen is stubborn and wasn’t about to let this stop her, so she skated around another time and then quickly excused herself to the bathroom to look at the damage.  But as I mentioned, she is stubborn and in some cases her pride gets in the way.  She was determined to keep staking and she did.  At 2 when they headed back to the school she was thankful it was over, though she had a great time.  When she finally got home, she shed a couple of tears and her husband tried to patch her up.  BUT, they didn’t have big enough band aids or any first aid tape.  So being resourceful they used some gauze and masking tape.

Does it look good?  No.  Was it uncomfortable?  Yes. But it was better then nothing and it is healing well for Jen.  The swelling is down and the scrape is healing – though now the scrape is itching.

Moral of the story: Have a stocked first aid kit and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try all over again.



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2 responses to “The Need for First Aid Kits

  1. Nathan

    You are a roller skating trooper. I’m glad it is healing up so well.

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