Zoo Lights

After we returned from Christmas with Nate’s family we met up with friends for dinner and an evening at the Zoo Lights.

I love Christmas lights.  I love seeing them up, twinkling, shining and seeing what people create with them.  Therefore Zoo Lights is one of the best places to be.  It has all of those things with fire pits so you can warm up everywhere and hot chocolate.

We started with dinner at the Taj Mahal resturant.  It is an Indian restaurant and none of us had tried it before.  For me it was my first time having Indian food and way out of my comfort zone.  But I gave it a shot.  I started slowly with a fun drink called an Indian Paint Brush.  It was like a Shirley Temple but with Coconut Juice.  I also discovered that I quite enjoy the Nan bread.

After dinner we headed to the Zoo lights.  And they didn’t disappoint at all.  There is over 1.5 million lights there.  It was wonderful and a mild night as well so it was just wonderful.  They have the shapes of the zoo animals in lights, the buildings in and around the zoo are outlined in lights and they have light tunnels you can walk down and in some cases slide down.

Does your city have something like ZooLights?




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