I love…

One of my favorite things about making quilts is seeing them being used, seeing them in the place where people keep them, and see them after being washed.

Most of the quilts I make are for other people.  Baby quilts, mug rugs, wall hangings, journal covers, lap quilts, I make them with certain people in mind.  When I see a pattern I think, “Oh, so and so would love that…” and I plan to make it for them.  Or I hear of a new baby coming and think, “What baby quilt should I construct?”

More often then not I don’t get to see where the quilt gets put.  Where it is being used.  I don’t know if people are afraid to use them, but I make mine to be used.  Even the large ones with 100s of hours of hand stitching – though their purpose and use might be display it is still being used.

On Christmas morning my brother sent me a picture of his quilt, the one I made for him for Christmas and was given to him on Christmas Eve.  He sent a picture of it on the back of his sofa so he could grab it and use it.

It made my day to see it out and to see how wonderful it complimented the rest of his decor (if I do say myself).

I wish I could see my quilts in action.  I think I might have to start asking people to send me their pictures of the quilts in use.

How do you feel about seeing your quilts after they’ve left your hands?



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4 responses to “I love…

  1. I love………..this quilt! Thank you for sharing the photo 🙂 Avis x

    • Jen

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Thanks so much for your kind words. It turned out wonderful, if I do say myself. It is a wonderful pattern too. It lends itself to so many possibilities from super scrappy – like the one pictured, or a one color scheme, or two.

  2. Nice quilt! I love seeing people use the quilts I make for them; I am always glad to know they are loved. I made quilts for both my daughter’s boyfriends this year and they both love them. One even asked me if I could put a label on it (like I had inside the Christmas stocking I made for him). I feel like he appreciates it enough to want to have that personal touch added. That’s one of the best things about our hobby – people enjoy the products of what we do!

    • Jen

      Hi Erica. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. How wonderful that he wanted a label put on, you’re right about that personal touch. It is the best thing about our hobby, people enjoying what we do.

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