Favorite Part of Making a Quilt

I often hear quilters talk about their favorite part of making the quilt.  The piecing, the pattern selection, the fabric selection, the basting, the quilting, the binding.  But there does seem to be a common thread – there is always one part of the process that they don’t like.  “I hate doing the binding, I would pay someone to do my bindings” or “I hate picking the fabric, I like kits for that.” or “I hate putting the top together, I’d rather just quilt it.”

I didn’t put much thought into this until recently.  Until I started working on a couple of quilt tops.  They had A TON of cutting and a TON of PRESSING.  If I am fresh and rested I can cut till the cows come home.  It isn’t my favorite part, but it isn’t the bane of my existence either.  PRESSING is.  I do not like that step at all.  The other day I began pressing these blocks – 122 of them.  And all I wanted to do was – well ANYTHING ELSE then what I was doing.  A root canal would have been more fun.  It seemed to take forever.  I guess I don’t mind pressing on a small scale, but a massive scale – YUCK!  It almost deters me from certain quilt patterns – A ton of cutting and pressing.

I would much rather stabbing my finger with a needle while I bind a quilt then press 122 pieces.

Even Molly was put out by how long it was taking.

I don’t know what it is about pressing, but I just don’t care for it.  Standing in front of the iron, setting the seams, then pressing them open or to one side, somehow burning a finger/hand/arm (doesn’t seem to matter to me – I’ve managed them all).  Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed ironing/pressing shirts either – guess thats why I buy those NON IRON ones 🙂

I understand the importance of pressing seams and doing a good job of them as well.  Doesn’t mean I like to do it.

What part of the quilt process drives you mental?



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4 responses to “Favorite Part of Making a Quilt

  1. This made me giggle because I’ve just included at the end of my latest post that I enjoy the binding most. Then I decided to read some other blogs and you’ve also mentioned tasks people like/dislike! I love all of your quilts and Molly too 🙂 Avis x

  2. Karen

    I don’t quilt (yet) but AGREED! I find pressing shirts and pants and pain as well. If someone’s clothes looks a bit wrinkly, you know why!

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