Quilt Process #2: Picking the Fabric

As I shared with you in my Quilt Process #1, I begin making a quilt with picking the use of the quilt and the pattern.  Once I have that done I move along to the hunt for the perfect fabric to use.  Unlike many of my quilting friends I don’t have a huge stash of fabric that I can run to and pick from, not in the traditional STASH sense.  I have quite a bit of fabric – but 90% of it has already been purchased with a certain project in mind and it was bought in the yardage for that project.

So I have to hunt for the perfect fabric for the project.  Sometimes it is decided by the use of the project.  If I’m doing a baby quilt for a boy, I’m avoiding the pinks, pastels and ponies.  A baby quilt for a person who won’t be finding out if it is a boy or a girl – something that  will work for both – often quite tricky.  A quilt for my Grandma, I’m looking for the colors in her home, the colors that scream GRANDMA.  Sometimes it starts with colors for me, sometimes I have a fabric line in mind, other times I am completely lost for what to do and what to use.  Then what you may ask.  Well……

1.  I love DESIGN SEEDS.  It is a great site that gives you a variety of color palettes based on pictures that are sent in, usually of things that just go wonderfully together and the compile a design card for that pictures.  Sometimes I find a design card I like and find fabric that fits in that palette.

2.  Kits.  In some instances I find a pattern that comes in kit form.  It takes the thinking right out of it.  Get the kit, make the quilt, find something to back it with.  Perfect.  I have done this for a couple of things because I loved the fabric they compiled for the quilt and in one instance the person I made the quilt for loved the fabric in the kit so much.

3. Pre Cuts.  I do enjoy using precuts like charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and fat quarter bundles because all the fabric in that pack GOES TOGETHER, it was designed to.  You just need to find a pre cut that you like, an it is hard not to.  I’ve used them for a couple of quilts and have been very pleased with the results.

Once that fabric is picked and bought then comes step 3….the cutting.

How do you pick your fabric?


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