I have a sleeping issue.  I personally would love to sleep, but my body says, “Jen, I’m sorry, tonight just isn’t your night to sleep.” Unfortunately, that is most nights.  It seems I have “streaks” of good sleep – just like a winning streak in sports. Why do I wake up you ask?  I don’t know some nights, wish I did.  Other nights its because I can’t switch off my brain.

I do seem to have a usual time when I wake up – between 2 and 4 am.  This morning for example was 3 am.  It just took me until 3:40 or so to get fed up enough to leave my bedroom and hang out somewhere else.  Now it is 4:41 am.  I’ve caught up on my blog reading, made some comments, did some window shopping, snooped around facebook and got my fill of eye candy on pinterest (my insomniatic best friend).

Some mornings I would like to get up and sew.  I worry Nate will hear me and about making mistakes due to sleepiness when I work.  So sometimes I hand stitch or oogle my quilting magazines and books.

Its coming up to 5am.  The usual time when I start getting sleepy again, just before I have to get up to go to work.  Today, is not exception.  We move into our new wing of the school and this weekend is when I will be doing it.

My wish is to sleep through the night, more then 3 nights in a row.


What do you do when you wake up before you should?



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9 responses to “4:34am

  1. Ironing…reading…catching up on e-mail…cutting scraps…folding laundry…You are not alone!

    • Jen

      Its nice to know I’m not alone, but I feel rotten because I know how you are suffering too. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t think of Ironing.

  2. Some nights I, too, experience your kind of sleeplessness. My mind seems to run ‘full tilt’ on quilt ideas, etc. Consciously trying to calm myself, I remember something that was told to me years ago: Rather than counting sheep, talk to the Shephard. It works every time!!

  3. Jen, I can relate. I don’t even have streaks of good sleep. I listen to podcasts or audio books when my mind is racing. Usually it works. I set my ipod to turn off after 10 minutes, and most times I’m not awake when it does. If I am, I just turn it on for another 10 minutes. You have to be careful, though, with the podcasts, because the volume is often not consistent and it can wake you up again.
    I’ve also learned to go to bed earlier and to not feel guilty about taking naps on the weekend. I find I need more hours in bed to get the same amount of sleep I used to get just at night.

    • Jen

      Thanks for stopping by Colleen and commenting. Good idea with the podcasts and audio books. I think I might give that a try. Didn’t think of taking a nap to equal the amount of sleep. I’ll give that some serious consideration.

  4. I think this is a particular problem for teachers or those who need to be so highly organised in their work. I too, wake up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep and it can go on for days even though I’m already exhausted. Then after about 3 weeks, I totally crash. I find it is best to get up and start the “winding down ready for bedtime routine” all over again.

    • Jen

      I’m the same way. Few weeks with bad sleeps then a couple of nights with great ones. Always think I have the problem beat – then…. I good routine is something I struggle with. I feel silly going to bed at 9 just to wind down. Good tips though. Thank you.

  5. Nat

    That’s awful..I’m not sure I can offer you any wisdom but I’ve heard that generally it’s a good thing to just get up and do something, rather than toss and turn in your bed. Hope it gets better again soon!

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