So Far Behind – yet no real deadlines

I feel like I am so far behind on my projects right now.  I have many (and I mean MANY) on the go, but nothing that I can cross off my list as complete.  Heck, I would say in a couple of instances they are barely started.

It actually reminds me of last January (2011) when I was facing a similar dilemma.  Funny enough I said that there would be NO WAY that I would do this to myself again – but I DID, AGAIN.

What’s a bit different about this year is I don’t have any real deadlines facing me, just a lot of bins with “started projects”. Some projects take priority for sure and have been started months ago and are in finishing stages, but aren’t done.

Deadlined Projects:

  • Joey’s Nursery (crib skirt and fitted sheet, bumpers, pillows, birds for mobile, hoops for wall) (UPDATE, The ones crossed out are now finished)
  • 2 Mystery Projects – just need to quilt.
  • Hoop Up Stitch Swap

Non Deadline Projects

  • Swoon Along
  • Cascade Quilt Class
  • Tetris Quilt
  • Quilt Nate’s Quit
  • Quilt HocusPocus Ville

Unfortunately, time just hasn’t been sharing itself with me lately.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been packing up my classroom – an entire band room and last weekend with the help of Nate, my brother, my friend Paula and members of my small group we got it done and moved in the new classroom and set up.  I spent 15 days straight at the school and put in some seriously long hours.  The school has also had a few evening functions that I needed to attend – so that has taken away some prime sewing time.  I just can’t seem to catch a break in time to get things done.

And I need to get things done – especially Joey’s baby room, the baby will be here really soon and I need to get that ready for her.  The crib skirt and fitted sheet are done.  The birds just need to be closed after being stuffed.  I need to do the bumper, but now I have a plan for that and the pillows – which doesn’t take a heap of time (but I need at least an hour).

Since today is Super Bowl and Nate will be watching, I will get sewing before the game starts and do the hand work while the game is on.  I hope to cross at least one project off my list.



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2 responses to “So Far Behind – yet no real deadlines

  1. Nat

    Can’t wait to see all of those beautiful fabrics come together for her nursery! Jen you are so talented!

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