Ski Trip 2012

For the last few days I’ve been in Fernie, BC with 200 junior high students (grade 7-9).

I.         AM.       EXHAUSTED!

We left on Wednesday morning for Fernie, with 4 coach buses, 200 students, and 11 teachers for a few days of skiing.  I have a love/hate relationship with Ski Trip.  I love the fact that we can go out to Fernie, be in the fresh air, see the amazing mountains, and be away from the school building.  I hate the fact that it is 24/7 with kids for 3 days (only because it is so exhausting), late nights, early mornings, constant supervision, always sick once I return and more importantly I CAN NOT SKI.  AT ALL.  I am the worst.


I wish I could catch some great air in the powder, carving up the snow.  (I only know the lingo because I looked it up on google).  But instead I look like this….

Not exactly, in fact I would never ski on anything that wasn’t the “Bunny” hill, in Fernie it is called the MIGHTY MOOSE.

The last time I went, my friend Ashley tried to teach me.  She use to ski race as a kid, and is good at pretty much everything she does.  She took me up the Deer Chair and she skied it backwards, while I SNOW PLOWED down the small mountain.

Since then I’ve been Cross Country Skiing.  Which scares me.  I am usually by myself.  So I am spooked by all sorts of little noises.  I think some mountain cougar will jump up out of me or I will fall.  So that isn’t always very fun.

This year I decided to try skiing again.  But this time I was going to take a lesson.  I am not to proud to admit that I needed help.  So I took a lesson with a friend of mine, Christine, another teacher at the school, who hadn’t really skied.  She was my ski buddy for the few days.  We had a great time together, “carving” the mighty moose.  Next time I might be ready for something else.  MAYBE.

I am still exhausted and I am sick, but I am getting better at turning.


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