Joey’s Baby Room

As I mentioned a little bit ago  I had quite a lot of things to get done.  My friend Joey commissioned me to make some things for the baby that is coming soon for her and her husband.

I was to make:

* A crib skirt

* A fitted sheet

* Pillows

* Crib Bumper

* Birds for a mobile

* Fabric Hoops for the wall.

I’ve been completing them in stages and this week completed them all and delivered the last of them.

When she asked me to do this I knew I would be able to complete all the materials, I knew I had patterns in books at home to help me and I’d made the hoops, birds and pillows before.  Thanks to a great tutorial at Splash of Something  I was able to complete the crib skirt with no problem.  Sol and Rachel do a Blog had a terrific tutorial on making a fitted sheet – such a terrific one that I could make fitted sheets till the cows come home.  I figured out how to do the bumper myself because I was simply putting a cover over the one they had already.

The green fabric is the outside of the bumper, the teal houndstooth is the fitted sheet and the grey chevron is the crib skirt.

In this one you can see the fitted sheet a little bit better and the inside of the bumper this fun yellow spot fabric (which was tricky to work with because of the loose weave it had).

There is a closer look at the chevron material that I used for the pillow.

Look at these wonderful fabric puffs that Joey created.  They are awesome.

The baby’s room is so super cute, I would move in myself if I could.

It was a lot of fun to make all these things for the nursery, I also enjoy knowing that I can create those items.



UPDATE:  Joey’s precious little girl was born yesterday night at 11:53pm.  Mom and Baby are doing amazing.  



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4 responses to “Joey’s Baby Room

  1. Nat

    Gorgeous Jen! I’m sure mama and baby A. will enjoy all your hard work for many months to come! I absolutely love the bumper!

  2. Everything looks so great! I love the mix of patterns!

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