Hoop it Up Swap

Back in January I shared that I was lucky enough to get into the HOOP IT UP SWAP on Flickr.    Since then a lot has been going on.
We were assigned our partners, mailed our fabric, and began stitching our designs.  I’ve been very fortunate with the partners I’ve been paired with.  Mrs. Lacer from Lacer’s Life   and Marilyn Butler.  They both had amazing themes.  Mrs. Lacer’s theme was Arthurian legend.  She sent this terrific teal color fabric.  She hasn’t gotten her piece in the mail yet – so I am not sharing the finished product yet.  But I can say I had a lot of fun stitching this.

Marilyn’s theme was whimsical trees.  I had some ideas from pictures I had been collecting over the past while because I quite like to stitch trees.

In the end I went with this design.

I am really please with how it turned out.

My theme as I mentioned earlier was CLICHEs .  Mrs. Lacer stitched me this hilarious one.

Look at the teeth on this one, and the lips on the other one.

Isn’t it awesome?  The piece from Marilyn is on its way – I can’t wait to see it.  The sneak peak…

Oh I just can’t wait.




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