Wild Olive Stitch Swap

Mollie over at Wild Olive is hosting a stitch swap.   A swap where you are simply stitching something for someone you don’t know, though you are given some helpful hints from a form that you fill out.  The nice thing is that the piece is no more than to be finished in a 4″ hoop.

“It makes me so happy that so many of you are wanting to stitch something up for someone you don’t know. Of course, there is the excitement of receiving embroidered happy mail, so I can’t blame you!”

I mean a 4″ hoop, how hard could that be?  Until I saw who my partner was.  It is someone who it pretty well known in the quilting world, so I am totally intimidated.  I worked really hard on my piece and it is on its way to them right now.  Oh I hope they like it.

I can’t share anything more than this sneak peak because it will give it away.

Oh, except that I loved stitching this so much, that I will be making myself one as well – also the other 4 that are part of the collection.


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