Houndstooth Quilt

A while back friends of ours told us that in March they would be having their second baby.  When they had their first baby, I had JUST started my sewing adventure and did not trust my ability to make them something as a gift.  This time would be different.  As soon as we got home from church, I went on the prowl of the net looking for the “perfect” pattern for this baby.  I wanted to try something new, something fun, something that fit the destination, the home it would be going to.  I started pinning (a pinterest term) pictures to my pinboard in the hopes that my friend Joey would see them and either “like” them or “repin” them.  Out of all the ones I pinned she liked one – the HOUNDSTOOTH by V and Co.    I ordered the PDF of the pattern and decided to do it in a black and white.

Little did I know that this would be one of the most intense baby quilts I have made to date.

The directions for this quilt were very good.  Though it did take me a while to figure out how the houndstooth pattern actually was shaped with the pieces I cut out, but that was more my own issue then the patterns.  Speaking of cutting – there was quite a bit of cutting to do on this one.  Strips and lots of black and white squares.  If you do this pattern I recommend that you purchase the ruler that V and Co. suggests.  It made the strip cutting easier.

NOTE:  There are no short cuts in this pattern when it comes to cutting.  I do NOT recommend stacking your strips and trying to cut the triangles.  You will waste fabric and your time in the end.  

I would also recommend for this pattern that you have a storage container for all your bits.  There are about 130+ pieces in this sucker and they can easily go MIA.

I found I needed to work on this quilt in little stages.  For one reason, that was all I could give it with working full time again.  But also because I found it daunting sometimes and overwhelming especially when you are pressing the 105 black and white squares.

It actually went together pretty quickly once you got going on putting the blocks together to make the top.  I worked on it in a row by row order.  I pieced the top row, then the second row then put them together and I just kept adding on.  Then I really started to see the houndstooth pattern come to life.

I must admit up until that point I was not loving this quilt.  I couldn’t see how it would come together, I was tried of getting burned while I was pressing those squares, and I had had my fill of cutting.  But by row 3 I was in love.

To me the funniest thing about this was Joey asked me later if I might be interested in making a quilt for her for her nursery.  I asked which one she had in mind and she said the Houndstooth – won’t she be surprised. 🙂



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8 responses to “Houndstooth Quilt

  1. That quilt is STUNNING!!!!! I could immediately see the blocks that make up the pattern and why one has to be quite careful with the process. I have always had a love affair with the ‘houndstooth’ pattern and this is too wonderful. Will pursue this one for sure. Thanks for sharing…..can’t wait to see how it looks quilted!!! Hugs,D

    • Jen

      Thanks Doreen. At one point I said I that I didn’t think I could make this one again, but I ended up loving it so much that I am plotting it in different color schemes. I quilted it in a tight stippling pattern that way it would hold up after all the washing.

  2. Melissa

    oooh, I’ve had my eye on this quilt for a long time. So glad I read your post and suggestions. Your’s is absolutely stunning!!

    • Jen

      Thanks Melissa for the kind compliment. You should give it a try, there are so many wonderful color options for this quilt. Thanks again for commenting and for stopping by.

  3. Karen

    That is awesome! I love it!!

  4. Nat

    Oh I like it too! Beautiful!

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