Hoop Up Swap Complete

I have successfully finished all of my pieces for my Hoop Up Swap, have sent them, they have been received and I have in my possession the stitching completed for me.

It was a terrific swap.  I really enjoyed stitching for someone else, especially when they had a theme because part of the fun was coming up with something that would fit their theme.

My theme was cliches  and I got back some terrific pieces to round out the collection.

This was the piece I stitched.

This is the piece Mrs. Lacer did for me.

This was the piece that Marilynkb did for me.

I was really fortunate to get such talented partners.  They did an amazing job with my theme.  Now to decorate some hoops and hang them up.  There is a blank wall in my school office calling out for something FUN!


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One response to “Hoop Up Swap Complete

  1. Oh my goodness…..so clever!!! Definitely will be a wonderful addition! Hugs, Doreen

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