So this one time at band camp….

Yep I’m at band camp.

Right now I am sitting in a mass band rehearsal while a guest conductor works with my kids (grade 8 and 9) and kids from other schools to make up a band of 105 kids.  I’m listening to a very difficult version of Amazing Grace, which is beautiful when it is played just right.

But that is not while I am writing.  I am marveled by my students.  We performed twice yesterday and they blew me out of the water.  The impressed everyone.  For the MOST part they have been incredibly focussed in these rehearsals and this morning along we have had 3 with two more to go before performance tonight.

I have been marveled by how my students have been with others.  They have shared their equipment, their music, and their time to help.  We are here with a couple of schools who aren’t as “advanced” as us and my kids have stood or sat beside them and taught them fingerings, showed them how they did, and taught them some tricks they know to get through what they need to.

This trip though was tricky.  With this trip I had more students NOT come with us then ever before.  More students who left early then ever before. Why?  Well let me tell you.   I have athletes in my school.  And intense athletes.

1.  One boy got drafted to the WHL yesterday to the Kootney Ice- just before we played our adjudication

2. One boy is at zone badminton

3. One is trying out for the provincial volleyball team

4. One is completing in world Irish Dancing

5. One is trying out for the Canadian Golf Team

6. One is on their way to a ball tournament in the USA

I mean it is truly amazing how gifted these students are, but I am losing members from my band on trips like this and it is killing us 🙂

After tonight it is all over and I can rest and get back to a slower pace – I can’t wait.


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