Farm Restaurant

I was able to cross off another thing off my 31 to do list.

21. Get better at putting things away once I am finished with them

22.  Make a ticker tape quilt                                 Completed April 9, 2012

23. Try a new restaurant                                          Completed May 11, 2012   Farm Restaurant

24.  Visit Barrier Lake

25.  Take more photos of life

Last weekend we went to FARM RESTAURANT with my AJ and Jillian.

The restaurant has a wonderful philosophy on their food.

Culinary Philosophy

FARM stands for community, sharing good, wholesome food and knowledge, and honouring the farmers, growers, producers, foods and animals that grace the land. We support local, regional, national and international suppliers who are creating food and products that hold integrity and ideally utilize sustainable practices. FARM is responding to Calgary’s growing desire for more natural, locally-sourced foods which are beautifully and simply prepared, fairly priced and professionally served.
As a sister business to Janice Beaton Fine Cheese (JBFC), FARM is a natural extension of the products, service, quality and expertise that JBFC is already known for within our community. Taking our passion for fine cheese, meats and foods to the next level, FARM’s main focus is on sharing and exploring food and beverage pairings. We are a casual tasting kitchen concept with a simple, changing menu of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, pâtés, terrines and accompaniments. The menu is complemented by thoughtfully selected wines, sherry, beer, and bubbly.

We started our wonderful meal with a cheese sample platter from the Janice Beaton Fine Cheese Shop which is attached to the restaurant.  We opted to try 3 of their cheese – which came with a spread/jelly to compliment it and some sliced baguette to have with it.   We picked this Brie that was as smooth as butter.  For the main meal I had this smoky mac and cheese.  It was WONDERFUL and very cheesy.

It was a great restaurant with a terrific atmosphere.  You should try it.



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place. Ate at a place in Tomah, WI, last Saturday and had a cheese sampler plate. Had a fabulous double cream brie, fig jam and ciabbata bread slices (along with other cheeses, candied walnuts, apricots). Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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