Back to blogging….

I have to get back to blogging.  I really do miss it, but I’ve let a small comment made stop me, second guess myself about it all.

Blogging, at first I thought, “I can’t do this.  I can’t even stick to write a journal on a regular basis.  And then to have the nerve to write about things, sewing/quilting things at that.  What do I know?”  But that was the start for me.  “what do I know?”  Nothing…and I thought I would share with people my misadventures in sewing.  My bags with handles that are 4″ different in length.  The pig stuffie that looks like, well I’m not sure.  I thought I would share with people things that I learnt that might help them.  I figured if people saw me do it, then maybe they could do it too.

I wanted to blog so that I could keep in contact with people that I don’t see often and they can keep up to date with what I am doing.  I also wanted a chance to get connected with people in the sewing/quilting community and feel the support from that community and can reach out for help.

However, as I mentioned I received a comment from someone that put the brakes on.  I shouldn’t have let it, I should have just let it pass but I didn’t.

There is someone I know whom I told I had a blog.  I share the link to it with the hopes that they might check it out and see what I was up to.  Instead, I got a comment about “I tried to read it, but who really can be bothered, the time, I mean.”  I was kind of taken back.  Maybe I misinterpreted it, but I took it as they weren’t interested in supporting me.

So I took a break.  And every time I start to blog, I remember it and I stop and save the post in my drafts.  Waiting for another day.  I just think – what if other people think that too.

I love the blogging community.  My Google Reader if full of blogs of all sorts of content.  Some that inspire me, some that have incredible projects or tutorials, and some that make me laugh and cry.

With all that said, I am back.






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10 responses to “Back to blogging….

  1. I can totally understand. I want to be valued and hope that the things I accomplish have value, too. Casting doubt, either directly or indirectly, challenges my self view (and we all certainly know our shortcomings quite intimately). Having said all that…..WELCOME BACK!!! The friendship circle was broken while you were missing! Accept our/my hugs and know we can’t wait to share our successes/failures with you and hope you trust us enough to do the same! Blessings and hugs, Doreen

  2. heartsease57

    I don’t know how many followers you have, but I follow via email, and if I didn’t want to read your blog I wouldn’t follow you. Why do you let one person’s comment get to you like that? I look at it as they just don’t know what they are missing & it is their loss & move on. You are better than that.

    • Jen

      First of all, thank you following me. I don’t always get updates as to who is following me. I really apprecaite your comment. You are right if you didn’t want to, then you wouldn’t. I appreciate the perspective. I don’t know why I let them get to me, I guess I thought a friend would be supportive. But you are right, “I look at it as they just don’t know what they are missing & it is their loss & move on.” I will and thank you.

  3. Not sure why you keep referring to this person as a “friend”. Friends don’t do that sort of thing and they are not part of our community. I’ve really missed your blog. I’m quite new too and I’ve been lucky to find crafters who are totally supportive, even when I make mistakes. That is how we all learn. I’m so grateful to people for bothering to read my ramblings and they keep coming back for more. This is why we came back to read your blog, It is because we were notified on the reader that you had posted again. Simple as that really. Keep up the great work you are doing and thanks for sharing 😀 Avis x

    • Jen

      Hi Avis. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate so much what you said. And thank you for saying you missed the blog. You are right those people return because they WANT TO. I am back and ready to share, share, share. I continue to enjoy your blog as well and your tutorials are great.

  4. Jen, I recently found your blog and I do enjoy it! I completely understand how a comment can be so hurtful. Please don’t let it stop you from blogging. I hope over time that you will find more nice people than the hurtful kind. I too like the idea of being part of a community. I am not a skilled quilt maker or seamstress but I do enjoy reading about all the amazing things out there as it is so inspiring.

    • Jen

      Hi Michelle. First, I am glad to you know that you found my blog and that you are enjoying it. Thanks for your encouragement. It was so kind of you.

  5. Karen

    Well… you know I will always read your blogs! Though I may miss a few posts, I’ll catch up!

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