Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2012

This last weekend Heritage Park put on their annual Quilt Festival.  The festival is a chance for local quilters to enter their quilts to be hung ALL OVER the historical park.  There is also a Merchant Mall where you can stop in and hope to find a great deal.

This is the Wainwright Hotel (which is replica of the original, as the original was destroyed in the great fire of 1929 in Wainwright, Alberta) and they hang the queen and king sized quilts from the balcony.  It is beautiful.

They hang the other quilts all over the park, in the historical homes and buildings, through out the yards of the park.  There were two that stood out to me.


This Veteran quilt was incredible.  I stood looking at it for so long.  I checked out every detail of how it could be done.  Look at the hand saluting.  It was incredible.

I enjoy the HP quilt festival.  Maybe one day I will be brave enough to enter one of mine.






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3 responses to “Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2012

  1. Karen

    Yes, you should totally do it! I saw the sign at HP and thought of you!

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