Guess what I’m doing this summer?

You would think a person who teaches 200 days a year, would STOP in the summer and not teach a single thing.

Well CALL ME CRAZY!  I will teaching this summer at MY SEWING ROOM in Calgary.


I’ve started to talk to myself in the car, making lesson plans, doing my little spiel to start the lessons, trying to come up with fun ways to present the information and making plans as to how my samples in progress will look.

I will be teaching FOUR classes – hopefully, if enough people sign up for them.

1.  The Pink Chalk Mail Sack

2. A foundation pieced/paper pieced pillow

3. Ticker Tape quilt technique

4. Quilted Journal Cover

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you what those class are about, when they are, and share some pictures of what the finished project will be.

On June 3 there is an open house at the store from 11-5, where people have the opportunity to sign up for the classes, meet the teachers, and take advantage of some of the in store specials

Hope to see you there and I hope you might consider taking some of the classes – mine or some of the other wonderful classes offered.  I am even looking at taking one 🙂



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6 responses to “Guess what I’m doing this summer?

  1. Karen

    Very exciting!! Just think, you just started this hobby a few short years ago! way to go!

  2. evie

    I so enjoy reading your blogs, Jen. You are always so excited about life, whether it’s finding a new restaurant, learning a new quilt pattern or teaching!
    It’s a great way for me to keep informed.

    • Jen

      Thanks Evie for commenting and coming back to read it. Nate said that you were reading. Means so much to know that.

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