Class #1: Designer Mail Sack

Pink Chalk designed this TERRIFIC cross body mail sack/bag.  My sister in law gave me the pattern for Christmas the FIRST year I started sewing.  The bag comes in two sizes – a large size (16″x16″) and a mini size (12″x12″).  This bag was the first one that I made successfully.  It was the first one where the handle actually worked.

The BIG bag version is just the right size to take to a market, library or fabric store.  It has two pockets with the option of putting a zipper in one.  Now that I feel comfortable with zippers I put it in my Big Version.

Here is the class information:

Join me in making your own modern cross body mail sack that is ready for all your adventures, big or small.  This fabulous pattern comes in two sizes and has interior pockets for all your essentials with a zipper or not.

Classes Offered:

July 3: 11-4 pm

July 10& 17: 6-9 pm

August 1 & 8: 6-9 pm



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4 responses to “Class #1: Designer Mail Sack

  1. I so love that style. i have been making quite a few totes as gifts lately but that pattern is so “hip” (antiquated term????). Love the fabric choices. Linen would look great (lined with something more sturdy, perhaps!). Again, so happy to read what’s up in your life!! Hugs, D

  2. Nat

    Ya Jen!! Good for you!!!

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