Almost there…..

It isn’t quite the last day of school – BUT IT IS SO CLOSE!  Yesterday was my last day of teaching normal classes, today is locker clean out and talent show, tomorrow is awards and lake day, and on Friday exams start and go until Thursday – which is officially the LAST DAY!

OH MY WORD.  What a year.  It was great to be back at the school I started my teaching career at, but it was a BUSY year.  I had to put some things aside this year just so I could keep up.

September – the start of the year, always busy.  Meet the Creature nights, grade 6 instrument day and all the reviewing

October – a teachers convention, and the beginning of the play

November – A week long break, report cards, play rehearsals, Parent/Teacher Conferences

December – Meetings, concerts, play practices, people leaving early for holidays

January – back at school, packing up the rooms to move to the new wing, moving to the new wing

February – New Wing open, ski trip, teachers convention (another one), Silent auction, more play practices

March – double concerts, play practices, Report cards, Spring Break

April – back to school, more play practices, the play performances

May – Band Trip, PAT exams (part a)

June – Concerts, exams, talents shows, lake days, meetings about next year.

Those were just the major things I remember.  But it is so close to being done!


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  1. Jen, Time to take a deep breath…..summer has a different kind of busy-ness and I love it! Around here, school has been out for 1 & 1/2 weeks and my quilty teacher friends are heavy into their sewing and catching up with the rest of us! Been real ‘toasty’ and humid here and perfect for that indoor sport….QUILTING! Hugs, D

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