Guild Challenges

I love a challenge, ok not entirely true.  I love competition more than a challenge.  This is leading to you seeing a very UGLY side of me – but…. I do enjoy competition, sometimes “ugly jen” comes out, she is snippy, determined, a bit petty, and not always good sport – you should see me at scrabble (which I don’t play anymore because Nate cheats!)

Competitions help spur me along with things.   Knowing there is an end and at the end a prize or recognition or that fact that someone won.

Anyways, every year the guild I am in does these yearly challenges.  They do a big challenge that matches the theme for year, a medium challenge (like a round robin where people sign up in September), and a mini challenge something like a pin cushion.  And there are prizes.  Good ones too.

In September I wait with bated breathed through the show and tell until they unveil the challenges for the year.  The rest of the day I spend thinking about, dreaming up what I am going to do, figure out what would be a shocker, what would get people’s attention, what would I actually enjoy putting together.  Sometimes in the end this step takes a couple months.  Then over the year I get my supplies together and get working.

This year we had two challenges.  A quilt made entirely of solids for the big challenge and make a pillow for the small challenge.  I was pumped.  I dreamed up 10 ideas for the solid quilt, sketched them out, got my material together and then school got more underway.  Then school continued.  Then we had to move into the new wing at school.  Then some friends had babies and there was nursery quilts to make and other nursery items.  And school rolled on and before I knew it I had one solid top done and two days to finish it.

Currently I have three solid quilts that could be constructed this year.  COULD BE!

This is the one I managed to complete for the June showing (this picture was taken using instagram).  It was a workshop I did on flickr with Rachel from PS I Quilt.    I started to quilt this – oh I don’t even remember the first pattern I tried but I failed miserably.  I tried three or four quilting patterns with no success and woke up one morning at 2am and said I will just stipple the thing – and I got to work.  By the time Nate and Molly had gotten up it was finished.

On the back of this quilt I used the left over pieces I had from the front and pieced the back.  Right now I don’t know which I like better the front or the back.

Unfortunately I did not place in the quilt competition for this quilt.  😦

I also managed to complete a pillow for our guild challenge.  I’ve been working on it FOREVER.


This is the Vintage Postcard Pillow by Crabapple Hill.    I stitched it on a piece of white silk that I got over at Pastimes Online.  And I stitched it in COSMO Season’s Variegated floss (colors 8039, 8040, 8049, and 8061). This one took me quite a long time to stitch. It was a large pillow (19×14 inches) and some of the stitching was using a single piece of floss.  But once again the COSMO thread came through for me, didn’t tangle or knot, had a beautiful sheen to it once it was stitched and I didn’t lose bits of the floss because of shredding.  Amazingly enough I won!  I didn’t think I would with the other pillows that were there, but this little pillow won.  I got a gift card to Traditional Pastimes and a pack of charm squares.

Can’t wait to hear what is on the list for this year 🙂



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2 responses to “Guild Challenges

  1. Nathan

    I don’t think putting down words where you wanted to is cheating.

  2. How do you spell….”competitive”…..”counseling”!?! LOL!

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