Bridal Showers

My friend Al (Alisha), is getting married in September.  I am the matron of honor.  Al and I met in grade 10 and have been friends ever since.  We use to have sleep overs where we would watch movies, eat pizza and BBQ chips and snack on dinosours (gummy dinosaurs that are sour).

After a couple of months of planning, the party finally happened.  I was very thankful for Pinterest during the planning stages.  Many people had pinned some amazing party ideas for bridal showers and I was happy to see them and use some of them – thanks to the wonderful tutorials they had.

We had some great food.  We snacked on some party trays (fruit, veggie and gourmet cheese) from Sobeys.   They were delicious – and presented beautifully.  I will definitely use them again.  Al’s sister made some great bruschetta and I made an artichoke and spinach dip that my friend Michelle  made and found on Pinterest.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest





We drank some great punch that I also found on Pinterest called Princess Punch.  I kept the recipe the same except for the strawberry ice cream.  I left that out.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



For something sweet we got cupcakes from The Little Cupcake Shoppe .  They were yummy.  The flavors were incredible.  The icing is not as sweet as most buttercream so no cupcake or icing is left behind.

As a little shower gift for Al we did a JAR OF DATES.  It was a take on this fun little idea I found on pinterest.



Everyone wrote a date idea on a index card and put it in the jar.  I used some of the ideas from My Creative Stirrings blog to help stuff the jar.  Like shopping for an umbrella – what a cute idea.

For our games we played an interview game (we asked the bride and groom 20 questions and asked the ladies at the shower if they thought the answers were the same or different).  We also played a BRIDAL SCATTERGORIES game.  I found the game on a website called District Wedding.  They didn’t have a template or tutorial for it so I created my own based on the idea.

Each guest went home with some homemade Lavender Bath Salts.  Lately I have been feeling that party favors have become a thing of the past – and I feel that they should be BROUGHT BACK!  So I found a great tutorial on pinterest in the DIY section – naturally, for some Lavender Bath Salts.

Making Lemonade really had a great tutorial and I made some and filled little Ikea jars, put ribbons  around them and gave them as thank you gifts.

Overall it was a great afternoon.  But I must admit as I write this – I am exhausted once again.  🙂

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  1. Nat

    Looks like it was a huge success! 🙂

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