Anniversary Gift

As I mentioned Friday, Nate and I celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary.  And I got spoiled rotten.

I’ve had my eye on a cruiser type of bike.  One with a basket that I could ride to and from school.  Something not so high tech – as I find my mountain bike.  After we had gotten home from our breakfast out on Friday morning – there it was sitting in my driveway basket and all.

I know the basket isn’t as visible as it should be right now.  I would like to find a good tutorial on how to make a basket liner.  But so far have come up empty.

I’ve named my bike Gladys.  Why?  Well I love the Flavia de Luce book series by A. Bradley.  Flavia has a bike that accompanies her on her adventures and it is called Gladys – so I honestly copied because it makes me smile every time I hear it.



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7 responses to “Anniversary Gift

  1. What a wonderful gift! Definitely my style of bike……seeing more and more of them around!!

    • Jen

      It is a wonderful gift. I love it. I’ve been riding it everyday.

      • When I lived in a metro area, DH and I would put the kiddos on the backs of our bikes and ride the paths around the lakes in our town (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Now, our rural area is one of hills/switchback roads/valleys which is difficult to navigate for all but the most serious of cyclists! Enjoy!

  2. Love it, ejoy your gift!! Brownie points for Nate!

  3. djpauls

    what a really fun gift. you will look cool riding around on that bike. have fun. m

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