Summer Sewing

Oddly enough I’ve been rather busy this summer – not that that is unusual at all for me.  It just seems as though this summer is cruising by and I seem to be cruising right along with it – not going at a snail’s pace like I sometime wish I would.

I’ve been teaching quite a bit this summer at My Sewing Room.  So far I’ve done two bag classes, one quilted journal and one pillow class.  I have really enjoyed it, but I  have been out a few days and quite a few evenings.

Even though I’ve been teaching sewing classes, I actually haven’t done a ton of sewing.

I did some hand stitching at the beginning of July for a BOM I am working on called Every Bunny’s Welcome.  It is put on by Valerie over at Pastimes Online.  

It is an Easter Themed BOM.  Sorry for the poor picture.  My camera has a short in it so I am taking them with my iphone in poor light (we had a lot of rain when I took this one – days and days of it, haven’t retaken it yet).

Back to the BOM, it has lots of Easter eggs to stitch and Valerie gave us 21 colors to work with.  A bit overwhelming when I am trying to figure out what colors I like with other colors.  This one has given me the opportunity to play with different stitches.  I’ve tried all sorts (like variations on my blanket stitches, seed stitches, stem) and even varied my egg designs.  I will take a better photo and show a close up of some of the stitches I used.

I’ve also been doing some English Paper Piecing with the Fat Quarterly “Hexy MF” Quilt Along.    I have more then this picture to share about this one, but another time.

So far this has really been all the sewing I’ve done.  I’ve done some in prep for my classes, but these days I seem to be running errands, camping or hanging out with Gladys.



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3 responses to “Summer Sewing

  1. Jen, That BOM embroidery has my mind ‘spinning’! Summer is at “warp” speed (& the heat/drought is setting records;-() and that block has me jumping ahead (pun intended!) 2 seasons!!!! Love the hexies!! I have so many cut out in 30’s prints and haven’t decided on a direction, yet. Just something fun to do! Hugs, Doreen

    • Jen

      Hi Doreen – The Easter BOM is jumping seasons a bit but I’m hoping to get it finished in time for Easter in 2013. You have been having a heat wave? Oh man we have had a total of 7 days without rain. The hexies are great – another post is coming up all about them. You should check out the Fat Quarterly Hexy MF quilt along – might give you a place to use those hexies. HUGS TO YOU!

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