Hexy MF Quilt Along

Have you read Katy over at I’m A Ginger Monkey?  I find her hilarious and really enjoy reading her blog and see what fun projects she does.  She is also part of the Fat Quarterly Crew.  Currently, Fat Quarterly is going is doing a Quilt Along called the Hexy MF.   I’m not sure what the MF stands for, but at certain moments during the project for example when I poked a hole in my finger from sewing the flower petals together, I have an idea.  🙂

The project is an English Paper Piecing project – meaning a lot of hand sewing.

Here are my fabric pieces cut out – there are 444 of them.  I used a solid fabric instead of a pattern fabric.  This is only part of them.

Here are the rest of them.  Once I cut out all of them – thanks to a great template of Katy’s, I had to baste them (attach the fabric to the paper template).  Katy gave three basting options.  I decided to try the glue basting method – worked pretty good too – except I used a lot of glue.

Thread was the trickiest part of this.  It seems no matter how small my stitches are I can still see them when I whip stitch them together.  I tried black thread, light grey, dark grey – it was tricky for sure.  I ended up with a medium grey – but I can still sometimes see the thread.

So far I have made 10 flowers of 74.  I had to take a break because I literally put a hole into my middle finger.  I have a couple of thimbles that Nate got me for Christmas one year, but I’m struggling when I use them.  So I am on a Hexy Sabbatical.

But I am enjoying the project very much.




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3 responses to “Hexy MF Quilt Along

  1. Those are beautiful! When I first saw the hexies I wasn’t sure about the colors (definitely ‘not me’) but seeing the flowers I have to change my opinion!!

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