Back From Kauai

We are back from our vacation in Kauai.  We had a nice week away, nice weather and views.  Kauai is very different from Maui.  Where we stayed it was very lush and rained every night into the early morning.  Our calendar this time was very full.  I was able to cross off three things on my list this trip.  I learned to paddle-board, snorkel, and kayak in Kauai.

1.  Learn to paddleboard                                                          Completed July 26, 2012

2. Finish a quilt with embroidery in it.                               Completed March 31, 2012 – HocusPocus Ville

3. Snorkel so I am not afraid – amended Snorkel to see if I like it.   Completed July 23, 2012 – I DON’T LIKE IT!

4. Make a multiple layer cake

5. Mountain Bike up the Big Hill more then once

6.  Bake fancy bread.

7. Kayak in Hawaii                                                                                Completed July 27, 2012

I did however have to make an amendment to my list.  I originally said that I wanted to snorkel so I wasn’t afraid of it.  Well that didn’t happen at all.  I am very afraid of it.  Those bloody fish swimming around, freaking me out.  Everytime I was swimming they would swim at me and I would have to back up out of their way, they I would freak out and be worried I accidentally touch the reef.  We tried our first day, but Tunnels Beach was very nice none the less – though I found their sand extremely hot.

Did you know there is no ground predators in Kauai?  It is true, there isn’t any.

That is why there are chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE!  EVERYWHERE!  In the road, hotel, shopping centers (they are outdoor types), beaches, restaurants.  Did you also know that roosters also don’t only make their noise in the morning when the sun comes up?  They go all day, all hour.

Anyways, I was also able to cross off my paddle boarding from the list.  I really enjoyed it.  We paddled up the Hule’ia River and wandered through the wildlife refuge to a swimming hole.  I even got to try my hand at a zip line.  It was a bit scary at first, but then I like it.

After our paddle boarding we went to the Kapaia Stitchery.

It was a wonderful quilt shop.  Great selection of modern fabrics, batiks, and traditional Hawaiian fabrics.  They were terrific.  The ladies were all so very helpful to me.  I picked up some wonderful fabric to make a bag out of.  I’m in the process of making it right now.

One day we biked along the Coconut Coast.

We also did some kayaking up the Wailua River to the Wailua Falls.

One of the ladies at our hotel introduced to a Chocolate Farm Tour called Steel Grass.  It was wonderful.  Our guides were so funny and engaging.  We toured around the chocolate farm sampling the various fruits .

The picture below is a cacao pod which will continue to rippen and eventually make the chocolate.

We had an 11 chocolate tasting session too.  Which was so fun.  We taste tested all this chocolate had to fill out a chart and later found out what we had.  It was super fun.

It was nice to get away, but I was glad to come home to Molly and not hear any roosters.





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2 responses to “Back From Kauai

  1. We did the chocolate tasting at Steelgrass as well. Good times.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like it was wonderful!!!!

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