Pink Chalk Mail Sack: Kauai Fabric

As some of you know I’ve been teaching this summer at My Sewing Room.  One of the classes I taught was the Pink Chalk Mail Sack.    I taught the class three times over the summer and at the last class was determined to finished one of the big bags just for me.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone with the fabric and find something BIG and BOLD, maybe even FLORAL – which is not usually what I lean towards.  But I was having trouble finding just the right fabric.

When we were in Kauai, Nate and I went to a great fabric store.  And I mean great.  The fabric selection was amazing and I found two prints that were PERFECT.  I had brought with me the requirements for the bag and picked up the two prints.

When I had gotten home I taught the class one more time.  I decided this time I would make mine along side my students – for the most part.  I used it as my demo bag, but honestly stitched most of it at home.

This is the inside of the bag.  It has a pocket using the front bag material and a zipper pocket using the lining material.

I’m not sure what type (exactly) of fabric this is, but it is heavier than canvas, reminds me of an outdoor fabric.  It has a great weight for a messenger bag.

I love this pattern.  Really do.  You should try it yourself.  I had the privilege of teaching some of the ladies a couple of times during the summer, and many of them have made the bag two, three – ten times (in one instance).  Once you get the hang of it – it speeds by.




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5 responses to “Pink Chalk Mail Sack: Kauai Fabric

  1. Very nice!! I have that pattern and haven’t used it…yet. This may just be the motivation I need!!!! Beautiful fabric…that brings wonderful memories, I’m sure;-)

  2. heartsease57

    I love your bag! And imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link-I already have this pattern AND the fabric to make it in. I am thinking I’m going to dig my stuff out & give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration to actually make it at last.

    • Jen

      First of all thanks for stopping by and commenting. The bag is terrific and addicting. I hope you love making yours – share a picture I’d love to see your finished bag.

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