Free Motion Kindle Case

I have a kindle.  I love it.  I also have a really good case for it as well.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest



It is a good case, reversible too.  I even like the color and fun stripes.  But….and you knew there was a but coming right?

Once I took the quilted journal class last November  I knew I wanted to incorporate that technique into a kindle cover.  I drafted an envelope type pattern and got it started.  Then I let it sit because I ran out of Stem a Seam.  I just didn’t replenish my supply until this summer when I had to teach the journal class.

Since I had to teach the class with the technique I used it as my sample to work through.  I finally finished it.  It took me longer than any of the others I’ve done because it was quite a bit bigger.

When I make it again I will change the design just a little bit to tweak it.  Right now I have a pocket and then a large flap that will fold over the pocket twice and I tie with a ribbon.

I tried to branch out this time with my quilting and try some new designs.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  I’m also really pleased that I tried to figure out how to do it on my own and how I can edit the pattern to make it better.



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3 responses to “Free Motion Kindle Case

  1. Jen, Your free motion Kindle case is beautiful! I think your stitching is also beautiful. I am still too scared to try FMQ. The freedom scares me. I like structure and rules. I wanted to take the quilted journal cover class at MSR but I’ve never free motion quilted and it intimidated me. Maybe next year.

    • Jen

      To be honest Michelle I am the same way – I like structure which is why improv quilts and quilts that don’t really have a “set” pattern (red goes here, blue here, green here) freak me out.
      I would have loved to have in my class, but having never done FMQ it might have been intimidating.
      I was fortunate to take a few FMquilt classes with Ana Buzzalino. She has a website and studio – she might be offering some classes. Or even check out Leah Day’s Free motion quilting project she has some good step by step methods.

      I doodle my designs all over – I mean all over. My binders, clip boards, staff notes, etc. It helps me get the motion and it is then easier to translate to fabric.

      Keep me posted. If I can help out in any way I would love to be of assistance. Take care.

  2. Karen

    Wow! Looks amazing!!

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