I just finished my summer teaching at My Sewing Room – I have a follow up post on that, but that is for another day.

As a treat to myself I decided to take the Hyperquilting class that was being offered.  It looked like a really neat quilting technique and I am always looking for great patterns for my quilts or journal covers.

Patsy Thompson   is the originator of the technique and the lady who taught the class used her book Hyperquilting!

The technique calls for you to free motion a design like the “mitten flowers” below (because each petal looks like a mitten) and connect them with something like a loop or meander.  Then you go over the design adding to it with a different thread color.  And apparently you can continue to go over the design with different threads until you are satisfied.

I really liked the technique and see many possibilities to using it – a whole cloth quilt, a journal cover, heck just an all over quilting pattern on a pieced quilt – you would just have to be careful that it didn’t take away from the piecing work.

The book gave a really good start to this technique had great step by step instructions and illustrations.

I need a lot more practice on it though and look forward to perfecting the mitten flowers and other designs.


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