Reflections on Summer Teaching

Many of you know I taught a few sewing classes this summer.  As teachers we are taught (often over and over again) to reflect on our teaching to see what worked and make can be improved.  Instead of doing that just for myself, I thought I would share my reflections.

The first class I taught was the Mail Sack.  Ok, so the pattern itself it pretty good.  It is straightforward and easy for people to do, even if they aren’t the most experienced sewist.  I mean if you are a beginner sewist you won’t feel like putting the zipper in right away, but because the bag is addictive by the second or third one the zipper doesn’t seem as daunting.  The basic point of the class was to be able to sew through the pattern and end up with a bag, conquering a zipper and darts on the way.  I offered this class as an all day class OR two evenings.  In the all day class everyone completed the bag, I did go over time by about 45 minutes.  If I did again I would start the class an hour earlier.

Now the evening classes were two classes 3 hours each.  Very possible to complete the bag in that time.  If you were able to complete the exterior of the bag in the first session and the rest in the second – no problem.  There were a few people that didn’t complete their bags – there were factors that did contribute to that though – not in my control either.  I felt bad for them and hope they do complete on their own.

Ticker Tape Mini Quilt – Unfortunately this class did not run.  Apparently the ticker tape idea is popular among the flickr swaps, but not so much here.  Too bad.

Quilted Journal Cover – It only ran once.  From what I heard from people there were intimated by the FMQ.  Heck I understand that.  I could have been too had I had taken the classes from Anna Buzalino first.  Maybe a beginner FMQ class is the answer – then offer the journal like a step by step program.

Foundation/Paper pieced Pillow – It ran two times.  Those two classes were all day class.  Out of the book we worked from a pattern I picked that I thought was the simplest of them all.  I will be honest that the class would have worked better as two part class running two evenings.  One class could have been spent on the basics and starting the piecing.  The second, with homework, could have been constructing the pillow.  One all day class just wasn’t enough.  We got the basics down, and began the piecing.  Most got the piecing 80% finished, but that still left a lot to do.  Alas.

Those are my thoughts on my teaching.  I enjoyed it.  Might even do a little next summer.  But that will all depend if I can find a great pattern for next year.






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2 responses to “Reflections on Summer Teaching

  1. I enjoyed reading your post.I’m planning to enroll in a sewing class this summer.I’m excited.I get jealous when my friends told me that they have sew their kids a new set of pajamas.Thanks!

    • Jen

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you have a wonderful time in your sewing classes this summer. You should definitely consider them. I’ve learned a lot by taking them and they have given me confidence in sewing. Best of luck.

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