Back to School

Tomorrow I go back to work.   Above is a perfect illustration of how I feel right now.  Its strange – usually I feel more ready to go back, but this year I am not quite there.  NOT AT ALL!

Maybe I didn’t take as much time as I should have this summer prepping.  But I don’t think so.  I just can’t put my finger on it – but I just don’t feel like I’m ready.

I went to school this week for meetings (a TON of meetings in fact) and prep.  It wasn’t the best week for me to be honest.  Which probably didn’t help matters.  Monday I had computer problems.  I was in the tech offices for 2.5 hours.  So that was my afternoon.  I spent a little time cleaning my room and getting it set up, moving things around, putting things away.  However on Tuesday when I returned from a 4 hour staff meeting my room had become a disaster.  After 4 months of waiting my sound panels were finally being put up and the man had moved EVERYTHING I put away into the middle of the room.  He worked on it Tuesday and Wednesday.  When he left Wednesday I didn’t know it was done because there was a panel on the floor, glue on the walls and holes in the wall.  So I left things Wednesday, headed to Vulcan Thursday and back on Thursday afternoon.  That afternoon I had discovered that they were finished, holes and glue and all- I was horrified.  I was also horrified to see that all of my stuff was still in piles in the middle of the room.

Friday I put the room back together the best I could – hopefully the last panel was installed over the weekend and on Tuesday I can do a rush job to finish putting the room in some sort of order so it is ready to see kids.

Most of the work I had to do I couldn’t do at school because of the new network they had put in that blocked the websites we were using.  Which was also frustrating.  I would “make work” all day just to go home and finish it at home.

(sigh).  Only 175 days to go before Summer break.

Over the long weekend I made another lunch kit using the tutorial by Pink Penguin.  It is a great tutorial.  And comes together pretty quick too.  I think it turned out much better than my first one and I am excited to use it.

Well I better get back to my planning and prepping.

To those teachers out there – I hope you all have a wonderful year!


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  1. Karen

    Ahhh! That would totally frustrate me, too! I hope your room is ready! That was like our renovations… I would clean because I thought everything was done only to find out they weren’t and have to clean again!! Like I have nothing better to do! Well, hope you’ve had a good week despite the rocky start. 🙂

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