Where did September go?

I can’t believe that it is September 22nd already.  It seems like just yesterday I started another year of school.  But seriously where did the month go?

It has been a busy month – I think I say that about every month now that I think of it.  None the less, it has been busy.

My friend Alisha got married and I was the MOH (maid of honor).  The wedding was held on a Saturday evening at the Lougheed House in Calgary.  It is 100 year old house with lovely grounds.


I’ve also spent some time on the weekends marking – always a good time. (YUCK!)

Some of the girls at school decided to have a RETRO day.  We all wore our dresses that we got at Blame Betty back in August.

My brother also celebrated his 30th birthday.  We had a great family dinner.  AJ was a bit surprised by the cake, as it said, Happy 60th Birthday.

Just this week we took the grade 8 & 9s to Camp Chestermere for some getting to know time.   Or for some time for the teachers to fool around a bit.

During the time at Chestermere the kids play a series of wide games.  I love watching the wide games  – I personally HATE playing wide games, but I love watching them.

The only real sewing or quilting I’ve done is prepping my Stitch Sampler which I am will be teaching at my guild in November.  It features the basic stitches the most hand stitchers use.  I’m pretty pleased with it – I think two colors would have been striking though – next time.







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