Knitting Club

One of my fellow teachers is a knitter….BIG TIME.  When I first met her I thought she only talked about knitting, or was knitting something, or sharing something she had knit.

She has knit some pretty impressive stuff, her blue sweater in incredible.

This year she decided that she was going to start a lunch time knitting club.  There was some sniggering from some other teachers, but that didn’t stop her.  She plastered posters everywhere, and I mean everywhere, no matter where you turned there was a knitting club poster.

I learned to knit about 9 years ago – my Grandma taught me.  I’ve only done scarfs and a couple of hats (though I cheated on that and used a loom thing).  To me knitting is a winter activity, I feel like it suits the cold weather.  But I digress, since I knew how to knit I decided to go out to knitting club, with a couple other teachers, and sit during a lunch to get my mind off things.

The first meeting of the knitting club was HUGE.  I couldn’t believe the turn out – more surprising was all the boys.  I would say 75% of the group is boys.  I sit besides one boy every week.  He has made two scarves so far.  They crack me up with the knitting too, “Mrs E.  I’m finished my work, can I get my knitting?”  Sure.

I decided to try one of my list projects – knit a pair of leg warmers.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Now because I like to torture myself I decided to stitch this on the round, not use straight needles.  What a learning curve this has been.  I’ve gone through one ball of yarn, just try to get this thing started.

First I didn’t have the right length of needles, second I still didn’t have the right length of needles.  Third, forth, fifth and sixth I couldn’t figure out why the pattern wasn’t turning out and why the rib stitch wasn’t working.  Time number 7 I realized I don’t have to worry about stitching a “back” side, only a front, so I could eliminate all the “back” instructions – that helped.

Now I am cruising away on my leg warmers.  Hopefully I will have ONE done before long – but we will see.




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5 responses to “Knitting Club

  1. Those are so ‘cool’ (do I date myself???)! I am doing fingerless mitts and loving it! Got back to doing sox and have done several pair! Hang in there…..your post gave me the giggles!-D

  2. Valerie

    OOOH at these leg warmers for moi? I’d love a set and a matching one for London…hehe I’m a knitter to – did you know?

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