Dear Report Cards, I hate your guts

I’m knee deep in report card season.  I hate them.  I truly do.  They are the dementors of the real world (Harry Potter reference for those who are not sure what I am speaking about.)  When report card season comes around all the hope, peace and happiness are drained from the air and you are left souless.  I know I’m being over dramatic here, but they do leave you worn out for sure.

First you have to make sure you have enough marks in each of your categories.  It would be horrible to have only one assignment in a category worth 60% of the overall mark – that could really mess up a kid.  Second, then you have to input all your grades and then CHASE kids for assignments that they haven’t handed in.  Even though you’ve been chasing them for weeks.  Once all the chasing is done, and it is never done, you have to mark all those assignments, a couple more hours of work.  And then once that is done you have to write comments for each kid.  This year I ended up writing about 220 comments.  The comments are one of the hardest parts for me.  You some how have to write a “positive” comment, even though you might not have something overly “positive” to say.  For example, how are you suppose to say nicely – “so and so needs to STOP talking CONSTANTLY during class”  or “so and so needs to actually do their work”.  No wonder so many teachers use the comment bank or just put an impersonal comment for ALL their students.

I’ve been writing my comments off and on for the past week.  I think they took me about 6 plus hours.  Anyways once the comments and marks are done they have to be put into the report card forms about 1-2 hours of work.  Darn they take a long time.

I wish it was over once that was done.  Now we hand them out and wait for the Parent Teacher Interviews.  I don’t think I can talk about those right now….they totally stress me out.  I will share next week.





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6 responses to “Dear Report Cards, I hate your guts

  1. I feel your pain, Jen. As a parent of grown children, I want to thank you for taking the time to write your own comments. It does mean a lot to know that the teacher knows your child and cares enough to write a personal comment.

  2. Heather

    I hate writing report cards, too. I think it’s the worst part of teaching. But, I guess, I should just “suck it up” and getting writing them, so it will be over sooner than later.

    • Jen

      I think you are right – the worst part of teaching. It is true, suck them up and get’er done. I reward myself with gummy worms or gummy bears. However I did have to revise that because I thought if I continued to eat one/completed report card I would turn into a gummy bear after 300+ report cards.

  3. Brayden

    I absolutely love Report Cards… mostly because I am not the one making them.

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