FNQG: Guild Program

This year we have some terrific challenges at the guild.  I just wanted to share some of our ideas with you.

The Brown Bag Challenge

Anyone who wanted to participate in this was to bring a brown bag filled with 4 fat quarters, 1 meter of fabric and a cookie cutter.  We all put them in a pile and then randomly grabbed a different bag.  Your job with the new brown bag is make a completed (bound and quilted) quilt for your partner using what they’ve supplied you.  In June the finished quilt will be given to your partner.

I’ve got my partners brown bag and she has some great fabric in their.  I really want to create something awesome for her.  Right now I’m sketching ideas for the quilt.  I know I can only make something about 20×20 because out of the fabric I have to have a backing and binding.

A Stitching Good Time – A Round Robin of Sorts

I was inspired by the Stitch Swap that Wild Olive did last year and turned it into a round robin for the guild.  Each month you stitch a little something (something that would fit into a 4″ hoop) that matches their theme.  For example my theme is gnomes, each month someone will stitch me something with a gnome.  At the end, I will have 6 little gnomes that I can turn into a wall hanging or some hoop art.  I’ve seen some terrific themes so far: joy, day at the beach, butterflies, and sea creatures.

Source: flickr.com via Jen on Pinterest

                            Fashion Bag Challenge

The goal here was to create a fashion bag that you would not be embarrassed to carry around with you, or one that one of member’s daughter wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry with you.

Source: flickr.com via Jen on Pinterest

Mug Rug Christmas Swap

At Christmas this year we are making mug rugs to swap.  We were to purchase a mug and create a mug rug that compliments that mug – and fill the mug with some fun goodies.

Source: flickr.com via Jen on Pinterest

Scrap Quilt Challenge

Our big challenge this year is the scrap quilt.  We are to create a scrap quilt using a minimum of 40 fabrics.  We will have a small and a large category.  You are able to use pre cut fabrics in case you don’t have a stash.

I think it is going to be a good year.

What is your guild up to this year?



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6 responses to “FNQG: Guild Program

  1. Great ideas, they sound like fun!

  2. These are great ideas. I love the brown paper bag challenge particularly.

    • Jen

      The challenges have been received really well this year. The mug rug of Christmas was a HUGE success. I’ve really enjoyed planning out my brown bag quilt. I think I’ve finally got it sorted out.

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  4. gwen

    What is the cookie cutter for in the brown bag?

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